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Stored goods & performance

The adaptability and flexibility of the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system allows for a system design tailored to your requirements.

Due to its structure, subsequent extensions of the system, virtually without any interference in operations, are possible. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to obtain a combined or separated increase of storage capacity or throughput rates.

Save up to 50 %

  • Maximum throughput rates
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Storage of palletised and non-palletised goods
  • Storage of special goods
  • Damage-free storage










Stored goods

For us, careful and safe storage is a basic requirement for your stored good/product. In addition, the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system provides the flexibility to adapt your stored goods to market requirements.

The flexible use of the storage channels or the system sub-pallets allows you to use various types of load carriers simultaneously within one single ECE-STORAGE channel storage system.

The stored goods can range from standard Euro pallets with an average weight of 250kg and one-way pallets of various dimensions with a weight of 1,500 kg to paper rolls weighing 5,000 kg.

In addition to the flexible use of ECE-STORAGE, the system is characterised by an insensitivity to altered pallet bases and makes it possible to deploy used pallets of medium quality.


Performance areas

Subject to your requirements and the required degree of automation, the ECE-STORAGE system allows throughput rates from 5 to more than 1,500 pallets.

The transfer of pallets to ECE-STORAGE may be executed via shuttles or forklift trucks according to your requirements.

The following examples represent throughput rates of implemented ECE-STORAGE channel storage systems.



Storage facility for heavy-duty paper rolls
  • Roll weight of 4,000kg
  • Maximum fire protection
  • Damage-free storage
  • Completed within only 365 days


Safe handling and careful storage of the 4-tonne parent rolls, plus maximum fire protection requirements have been implemented innovatively and efficiently according to the customer's wishes. The ECE-STORAGE facility for heavy-duty rolls of SCA Hygiene Products located in Mannheim was successfully commissioned by ECE-LOG within a short time.



Flexible combined storage facility
  • Warehouse view from the outside
  • Fully automated connection to production
  • Energy-efficient
  • Wireless shuttles
  • Various pallet types
  • Short loading times


With the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system, ECE-LOG provided JT International AG with a future-proof storage system for various load carriers which is characterised by compact design and maximum energy efficiency. The MOVER used in this system ensures best system availability and maximum occupational safety thanks to the storage structure of the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system.


Handling systems for rolls in vertical or horizontal position
  • Roll weight of up to 5,000kg
  • Damage-free handling
  • Flexibility in handled goods
  • High level of occupational safety
  • Easy maintenance

For the movement of rolls, roller (in vertical position) and apron (in horizontal position) conveyor elements are used.

Particular importance is attached to the damage-free handling of your products, independent of whether the rolls are packed or unpacked or in horizontal or vertical position. In the projects already completed, rolls with a weight of 600kg to 5,000kg and a diameter of 300mm to 2,700mm are conveyed, tilted, turned, lifted.


Heavy-duty and special conveyors
  • Cooled goods
  • Handling goods at up to 400° Celsius
  • Low operating costs
  • Maximum availability
  • Control and drive concepts

Heavy-duty and special conveyors are used where, due to the properties of the goods to be conveyed or the environmental conditions, standard conveyor technology reaches its limits.

In various projects over the past two decades, ECE-LOG has been able to prove its competence and know-how in the area of heavy-duty and special conveyor technology.


Projects realised worldwide: